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Jungian Psychoanalysis in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Most people associate the word “psychoanalysis” with an image of a gray-bearded man smoking a pipe, sitting behind you as you lay on a couch, stroking his beard in silence. Today this image of psychoanalysis is outdated. Although psychoanalysts may have practiced this way in the past, times have changed. The original theories of Freud and Jung have evolved continuously and creatively over the rich, hundred year history of psychoanalytic treatment. Psychoanalysis is still widely practiced in the United States. It remains the most in-depth form of therapy, with an unmatched understanding of the human psyche.

Why Consider a Psychoanalytic Approach?

A psychoanalytic approach is well-suited for people who want to understand themselves at a deeper level and to discover greater meaning, purpose and creative fulfillment in their lives. It’s recommended for those seeking to transform destructive or limiting patterns, especially when those patterns are long-standing and repetitive.

Promoting Psychological Growth

Like other therapies, psychoanalysis is concerned with easing emotional suffering. But while it may include solving problems or coping with crisis, analysis aims at more lasting change by facilitating deeper psychological growth. This involves transforming problematic patterns, both in relationships with others and in relationship to ourselves, as well as uncovering blocks that prevent us from living our full creative potential.

Jungian Analysis

Jungian analysis, based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, aims at activating the individual’s innate healing capabilities. Our symptoms, our struggles, our suffering and dreams are all regarded as messages about unknown or neglected parts of ourselves which need attention. By listening to these messages, we gain new perspective on our difficulties, a deeper connection to ourselves and the strength to change old patterns. Along with relief from pain, Jungian analysis works toward developing access to inner wisdom, authenticity and renewed energy for life. It is as much a form of “inner work” as it is psychological treatment.

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