Puddi Lareau, MA, LPC
Jungian Psychoanalyst

About Me

I am a Jungian psychoanalyst and licensed counselor located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have over twenty years experience being a psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy can provide the opportunity to heal old hurts and to become unstuck. It can help you make more satisfying choices, engage in the deeper discovery of yourself and develop your creative potential.

Here you’ll find information about my practice. I would be happy to talk with you about whether my approach might be helpful to you.

Puddi Lareau
Licensed Counselor and Jungian Psychoanalyst

Psychotherapy Services Offered

Everyone has different needs when they enter therapy. My training in a variety of therapies allows me to select an approach which will best meet your needs. Although I specialize in Jungian Analysis, I also draw from a variety of other methods.

Available for:

• Jungian Psychoanalysis
• Supportive Counseling for specific life problems
• Dream Interpretation
• 12 Step Support
• Book study groups
• Lectures and Workshops

My Advanced Training Includes:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Relationship issues
• History of trauma or abuse
• 12-Step Recovery
• Developing spirituality, meaning and purpose
• Use of dreams and imagination to access the deeper creative and healing layers of the psyche
• Psychodrama

My Experience Includes:

• Personal dilemmas
• Family problems
• Loss of meaning
• Divorce
• Health Problems
• Transitions and role changes
• Identity issues
• Grief
• Career issues
• Spirituality

Puddi's Qualifications

While I specialize in Jungian Analysis, my background includes training in AEDP, Cognitive-Behavioral, EMDR, Psychodrama, Existential and Solution-Focused methods.

Licensure, Education, and Professional Involvements:

• Certified Jungian Analyst, the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts
• Licensed Professional Counselor, Colorado #1964
• M.A., Agency Counseling, University of Northern Colorado
• The Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, President
• C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado, Member
• The International Association for Analytical Psychology, Member

Why Choose a Jungian Analyst?

Whether you are seeking in-depth psychoanalysis or simply considering brief counseling for a life problem, finding a highly trained and experienced therapist is important.

Psychoanalysts, including Jungian analysts, have rigorous and extensive training. Before they can apply for analytic training, they must have completed years of graduate training and supervised experience to become licensed therapists or counselors. Jungian analysts in training then receive about eight additional years of psychoanalytic specialization. The training includes extensive coursework and in-depth supervision with a unique focus on understanding the unconscious forces that influence our feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

Analysts-in-training are also required to be in therapy throughout their training to help them recognize and confront their own emotional issues which might interfere with providing the best possible treatment for their patients.

Only graduates of accredited psychoanalytic training institutes can ethically present themselves to the public as psychoanalysts.

Jungian Psychoanalysis in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Most people associate the word “psychoanalysis” with an image of a gray-bearded man smoking a pipe, sitting behind you as you lay on a couch, stroking his beard in silence. Today this image of psychoanalysis is outdated. Although psychoanalysts may have practiced this way in the past, times have changed. The original theories of Freud and Jung have evolved continuously and creatively over the rich, hundred year history of psychoanalytic treatment. Psychoanalysis is still widely practiced in the United States. It remains the most in-depth form of therapy, with an unmatched understanding of the human psyche.

Why Consider a Psychoanalytic Approach?

A psychoanalytic approach is well-suited for people who want to understand themselves at a deeper level and to discover greater meaning, purpose and creative fulfillment in their lives. It’s recommended for those seeking to transform destructive or limiting patterns, especially when those patterns are long-standing and repetitive.

Promoting Psychological Growth

Like other therapies, psychoanalysis is concerned with easing emotional suffering. But while it may include solving problems or coping with crisis, analysis aims at more lasting change by facilitating deeper psychological growth. This involves transforming problematic patterns, both in relationships with others and in relationship to ourselves, as well as uncovering blocks that prevent us from living our full creative potential.

Jungian Analysis

Jungian analysis, based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, aims at activating the individual’s innate healing capabilities. Our symptoms, our struggles, our suffering and dreams are all regarded as messages about unknown or neglected parts of ourselves which need attention. By listening to these messages, we gain new perspective on our difficulties, a deeper connection to ourselves and the strength to change old patterns. Along with relief from pain, Jungian analysis works toward developing access to inner wisdom, authenticity and renewed energy for life. It is as much a form of “inner work” as it is psychological treatment.

If this most fascinating and life-altering experience might interest you, let’s talk about it. Call me.


What happens in a session?
You will come to a safe, supportive, professional environment to work on personal and confidential issues. During that time you can talk about whatever is on your mind. You might focus on solving a problem or clarifying some area of concern. If you’ve remembered a dream, we might work with it as a way of increasing your understanding of your situation. The process will support and encourage a deeper look at the patterns that underlie immediate problems and behaviors you are trying to change.

What kind of clients do you see?
I work with individual adults from a broad array of backgrounds. My approach is non-sectarian, reflecting respect for people with all spiritual or lifestyle orientations. Often people come in crisis, such as relationship problems, anxiety or depression. Many people stay beyond crisis resolution to make major changes in their lives.

What are your fees?
My fee is $150 per 50 minute session. Full payment is due at the beginning of the session. A 24 hour notice of cancellation is required to avoid being charged for a missed appointment. Payment can be made by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

Do you offer a sliding fee scale?
I have a limited number of reduced fee spaces for those with difficult financial circumstances. I consider each case on an individual basis. In addition, I consider reduced fees for those interested in more in-depth work involving two or more sessions weekly.

Do you accept insurance?
I do not accept insurance but some policies will reimburse you for a certain number of sessions beyond your deductible. Check with your insurance company directly to obtain information about your out-of-network mental health benefits. It’s important to consider that submitting an insurance claim compromises the complete privacy and confidentiality that is otherwise assured in therapy.

How long will it take?
Therapy may be brief, long-term or somewhere in between. The length of time depends on a number of factors including the severity and nature of the problem you are experiencing and how long it has been an issue. The decision of how long to continue is always up to you. Many people do not require long term therapy in order to accomplish their goals. Other people discover new goals along the way and decide to continue. Still others take time off and return later. Analytic work is often a more long-term process, although this is highly individual.

What about confidentiality?
Your work with me is confidential. However, there are certain situations involving abuse, neglect or the intent to harm oneself or others which I am legally obligated to disclose.

What is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)?
Licensed Professional Counselors meet educational and training requirements including a Master's degree, plus two additional years of supervised professional clinical experience and successful completion of a state examination. After receiving licensure, LPC’s are required to have continuing education to maintain their status. LPC’s are licensed by the State of Colorado to provide counseling and psychotherapy.

What is a Jungian Analyst?
Certified Jungian Analysts have undergone rigorous, long-term training in a specialized form of psychotherapy based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. This approach is aimed at activating the individual’s innate healing capabilities and works with psychological symptoms, life struggles, emotional suffering and dreams as messages about unknown or neglected parts of ourselves which need attention. By listening to these messages, we gain new perspective on our difficulties, a deeper connection to ourselves and others and the strength to change old patterns. Along with relief from pain, Jungian analysis works toward developing access to our own inner wisdom, self-acceptance, authenticity and renewed energy for life.

What is your position on medication?
Some people seek therapy as an alternative to medication and are successful in doing so. Others find that the combination of medication and therapy works better for them. If appropriate, we can discuss medication. I do not prescribe medication.

How do I set up an initial appointment?
I offer a free initial phone consultation to help determine your needs, answer your questions and better understand if I can be of help. If therapy seems like a good choice for you, we can make an initial appointment. To schedule your phone consultation, please contact me. If we don’t connect in person, please leave a message on my voice mail 719-439-5412 or email me at puddi.lareau@gmail.com.

Office Location and Directions

Serving clients from Denver south to Pueblo, CO. Easy access from I-25.

10 Boulder Crescent, Suite 102-D
Colorado Springs, CO 80903